We did an interview with Animistic Beliefs for our upcoming event on the 23rd of March. The Rotterdam based electro duo started not really long ago but things are getting shaped pretty fast. They just released their first EP on Solar One’s Music side label ‘Between Places’ called ‘Sinuous Gullies’. And also just came back from their online radio tour with shows on Operator Radio, Red Light Radio, NTS, Tweaked FM and more. Discover Animistic Beliefs and get to know everything you already wanted to know about this unique live-act.

Animistic Beliefs, how has it al began and what does it mean to you guys?

We were actually already doing live shows with modular synthesizers before we had a name for the live act. We started thinking about a name at the time Jacq and Van Ahn asked us for the party ISOTOOP. Animistic Beliefs stands for the ‘ghost in the shell’, machines with a soul. Literally it means “the belief in the existence of individual spirits that inhabit natural objects and phenomena”.

How would you describe the sound of Animistic Beliefs?

Electro with IDM influences, we both really like the sound of electro but also dreamy atmospheres. Marvin used to call this b-side music, haha.

In what kind of enviremont did you guys grow up? Were there already some touch points with music?

L: We didn’t really listen to electronic music at our family home. When we started going out, my sister and i got introduced to more electronic music. My taste in music became much broader when i met Marvin at secondary school.
M: I had always been interested in music and was always looking for music via P2P networks etc. Back then there was also a very cool evening program on MTV with ambient and techno that i used to listen to without really knowing what it was. That’s where i first heard Apex Twin’s Windowlicker and Jeff Mills’ The Bells for example.

Congratz with the release ‘Sinuous Gullies’ on Solar One Music’s ‘Between Places’. Were did the idea came from? What was the inspiration for you guys? And how has the response been so far?

Thanks! The tracks were born mostly from our live jams, at the time we listened to some old electro from Detroit a lot, but also to a lot of Analord from AFX. You might hear some elements from that. The city Rotterdam was also a really big inspiration for this EP. The record was distributed on the 22th of January and had already sold out a week after, so we are pretty pleased and surprised about that!

We must say that you guys have some pretty impressive gear in the studio. 808, SH-101 and a ARP Odyssey to name a few. What are your plans for the live set? Are you planning to expand your gear? Any wishes? 

With regards to set-up the live set is actually changing all the time. We just bought a Analog Rytm, so we can have a lot more variation in our drumsounds. We will leave the 808 at home then, it is actually way too big and way too expensive to be honest. We would like to start playing more tracks we already made and test them with the audience. Before we were improvising all the time, although that will still remain an element of the show.

How many hours a week do you usually spend in the studio?

We used to stay in the studio for around 4 hours a day. There are days that we actually don’t do anything, but other days we keep going the whole day until we faint from hunger in the evening, haha.

Longest studiosession ever?

10-12 hours, not super crazy i think.

Are you guys staying focussed on the live performance or can we also expect some Animistic Beliefs dj-sets? 

For now it is just the live-shows. DJ-ing is something we also really like but please do not expect too much from that haha.

What do you guys do beside your music carreer? 

Not much actually.

Favorite piece of gear?

The TR808 and the Electribe ER-1.
 M: The SH101, because of it’s simplicity and the great sequencer! The filter is also super recognizable.

What are your ambitions for Animistic Beliefs? 

We’re hoping to release an EP this year and a LP next year. At the moment we’re working on an updated version of our live show so it will become a cool audiovisual product for festivals and big clubs!

Favorite track(s) at the moment?

Nightsmoker from Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da
We Want But We Can’t from The Exaltics
Glide Drexler from Jensen Interceptor
Carkrash Vikdim from Dez Williams

Any interesting facts you would like to share with us? Upcoming releases, bookings, collaborations? 

For the most part of March we will be in London, Paris and Berlin for our online radio tour. We’ll be playing at NTS live and Lyl Radio for example!

Cool you will be joining us on the 23rd of March! Are you looking forward to it? What can the audience expect?

Definitely, we’re really looking forward to it! We both always love to be playing in Rotterdam. Expect a typical Animistic Beliefs show with new gear!

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