Olivier Josepha, is a young designer label with influences from the Caribbean culture, rebellious youth and the need to create and innovate. The brand was created by two talented designers named Jay and David. The brand is constantly being inspired by daily habits of people, shapes from architecture, variety in different kind of art forms and most important the memories from our own youth. These personal memories that turned into products are made of sustainable materials and individuality to make a difference and set the brand apart from everything that doesn’t stand for quality, innovation and positivism.

What means fashion to you guys? Fashion is a creative way to express our emotions and passion, and it’s our daily business and priority in our life.

Where does your fascination with fashion come from? David: My fascination with fashion is due to disagreement in opportunities. You can say a lot with clothes without saying a word. Jay: It all started when i was young in Curacao, where i grew up. My family didn’t have that much at the time, you’ll learn in a creative way how to handle it with what you have. We always had to wear a uniform at my elementary school, which makes it limited to show people who i really was and felt. So i found manners to stay different from others students at my school. I created a own style to wear the uniform in a different way. This has been one of the most important moments for me and from that moment i knew what i want to do for the future, like designing items where people are to be able to put in perspective.

How do you describe yourself as a fashion designer? David: Simple, but detailed. I like to make comfortable garments to which you can see that time has been spent on it. Jay: It’s hard for me to describe myself as a fashion designer, because i work out my creativity in several areas.

What is your history in the fashion world? We know each other at school. We both did the education Junior designer, soon we noticed that we shared the same vision and passion, so we started brainstorming and exchanging ideas about a men’s accessories line and later that on it grew more than just accessories and that is how Olivier Josepha came into being.

Who are your favorite designers? Raf Simons & Riccardo Tisci

What is your favorite brand? David: Raf Simons, Acne studio. Jay: I personally do not have a favorite brand, I look more closely at the creative director who make the brand what they are.

What is your favorite item of clothing? Jay: There is not specifically a piece of clothing that I wear as a favorite, as long as it suits me and when it’s comfortable. But if i have to choose, i would say the basic T-shirts from our new collection.

Where do you get your inspiration from? David: From people, especially from people who are not focussed on fashion. Jay: I get my inspiration from my caribbean culture, and my childhood in boyscouting.

How do you proceed to work when designing clothes? We are collecting materials and photo archive, and from that we make a moodboard of it, then there will be sketched and mixed with canvas fabrics to create new forms. Eventually prototypes are being made, there are still minor adjustments made if it’s necessary and to fit on a model, and eventually the real samples are being made with the right fabrics and haberdashery.

Which materials do you work with and why do you choose them? It always depends on per collection and inspiration. Usually we test the fabrics or materials for the use of it to see if the quality overcomes with what we have in mind. The fabrics or materials must be from high quality, and exclusive.This is a important core value of Olivier Josepha.

Which design are you most proud of? We are proud of all the pieces that have been made. And all the pieces are unique in their own way.

What distinguishes you from other designers? Our vision on fashion. We do not just make clothes, but we tell a story with it.

Who would you like to work with in the future? Kevin Osepa (visual artist), Bellini Lorenzo (Artist), and we are dreaming of a collaboration with Raf Simons.




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