Art to me means to let the viewer break away from the daily worries by focusing on a new image that can evoke questions or an image that can simply be adored by its technique or appearance. For the maker, every new work requires new questions to be answered, new challenges to meet and every successful work evokes a euphoric moment. There are times of research where people work hard without immediate success. That is the hard side of it, but you have to go through that to accomplish success.

“As long as I can remember I’m a creative person and since a few years I can call my creative excesses art pieces.”Lisette Schumacher

A female artist from Rotterdam who cannot live without making art, it is her second nature. From an early age she already used to express her creativity through drawing comic strips from different cartoons and making clay sculptures of her comic heroes. Her dad studied on the academy of technical advertisement and designed all the advertising posters by hand and they had to be perfect. Nowadays he does not draw anymore but he became a role model for her. When she grew up she went to study at art academy and started visiting many museums and exhibitions.

She has found her passion and is working hard on developing her own signature. She loves to experiment with different kinds of materials and techniques in order to improve her work and make art for a wider audience. Her source of inspiration comes from visiting interesting buildings, such as the Soda factory in Schiedam and the Unité d’Habitation, a residential complex designed by Le Corbusier in Marseille. “If you live here you do not necessarily have to go outside because the building provides all kinds of needs such as a supermarket for small groceries, a childcare on the roof, a restaurant and a hotel. The mailbox is located next to each apartment, very convenient for the occupant, but the postman has to make miles to deliver the daily mail of the 337 houses. I incorporate the experience of visiting such a building in a series of paintings in which I give an abstract representation of which part I have noticed most. In the case of the residential complex it was the black shiny floor and the barely lit hallway that seemed endless. Also the exterior was special because of its colour and relief covered wall. Currently I am making a number of works about it.” Sometimes her work is slightly figurative but most of it can be called purely abstract. “I usually find abstract works the most interesting to look at” she said.

“Nobody has to be scared to be original, because everything is already made.” – Lisette Schumacher


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