The waves of FORM have found a spot to fill the empty square. On the 23th of March FORM presents you FORM x RAAF • The Discovery.

Expect a room filled with autonomous art from a wide perspective as in art installations, paintings, visual art & more. The fashion exhibition will be provided by talented designers who will show you their vision within fashion. The music program contains a mix of live performance and dj sets, from electro to techno and other sub genres in the electronic music.

Music program.
Animistic Beliefs live
90’s Product

Fashion exhibition.
Willem de Kooning Academy fashion students: Lianne van Essel, Bibi van den Berg, Pascale Schutten, Maja Simisic.
Olivier Josepha

Art exhibition.
Lisette Schumacher
Tim Mastik
Wouter van Kelle

‘Comme des Filles’ film by Maja Simisic.
‘Virtual Fantasies’ film by Lucas Theunisse.

Location: RAAF Rotterdam
Time: 19:00 – 23:59
Tickets: €5,00 (incl. service fee)

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